Plan Masters provides Architectural planning services. We specialize in the following areas:

Planning Permission

Anyone who wishes to carry out work on buildings or land may be required to obtain planning permission.

Planning permission is necessary for a wide range of development, for example, the construction of new premises or the extension to your existing premises.

Plans consist of existing floor plans and elevations, and proposed floor plans and elevations together with ordinance survey maps. Plans are prepared using the latest CAD (computer aided design) software.

For small extensions and alterations, your proposals may fall within your Permitted Development Rights which means that planning permission will not be necessary.

There are a number of limits on height, volume (in cubic meters) etc. that your proposals need to be within for permitted development to apply. If your project is eligible for permitted development we would recommend that you apply for a Certificate of Lawful Development to confirm this. The application needs to be supported by suitable drawings and calculations and Plan Masters can help you with this.

Building Regulations

Building Regulations are there to ensure that construction works are carried out to an acceptable standard so that buildings are structurally sound, moisture resistant, adequately insulated etc.

Building Regulations consist of sectional/detailed drawings and further details for the proposed works which need to be carried out in order for the works to meet acceptable standards.

Project Management

As well as fulfilling all your design needs, Plan Masters can be commissioned to act on your behalf in all dealings with the Contractor. We will administer the contract through a regime of site visits and meetings and will report back directly to you.

As part of this service we would carry out any tendering process as necessary.

Structural Calculations

The primary aim of all Structural Design is to ensure that a structure will perform satisfactorily during its design life. The secondary aim is to ensure that a balance is struck between the clients need for a safe and robust structure, and the need for the works to be carried out in an economical and practical manner.

Our structural calculations come in a very comprehensive, clean and high quality text and graphics in an easy understandable format with economical structural members with no overdesign.

We will create full working drawings showing plans, sections and details, along with calculations to submit to the Local Authority for approval.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your design brief and how we can help you to progress your project